CoDri MakesSafety Forms Are Now Digital

Say no to paper forms on your construction site. CoDri provides you with dynamic and customizable forms that are created for your tasks. The information required from the various crews on site may be different, making it difficult to capture everything on paper. This challenge can be overcome using our option to build task specific forms.

Organize Files From Your Fingertip

If you have spent hours at the end of the day organizing your files, say no more. CoDri organizes your files automatically after you capture them using your phone. Whether it’s a photo or a document, all your files will be saved in separate folders. This will ultimately save a vast amount of time from your employees’ day, resulting in a more efficient construction process.

Communication Made Easy, Use Notices

Have you ever struggled with passing information on to your field employees? It is now easier to make announcements and communicate with your employees. Once you publish a notice using CoDri, it will show up on all your employees’ phones as a popup notification to ensure important information is immediately relayed to everyone on site.

Location, Time, and Comments

Every picture captured using the app will come with its accompanying location and time, providing more information with minimal effort. In addition to this, comments may be manually entered on the pictures, which may help when re-visiting them later. The more information you save with each site photo, the easier it becomes to document the work completed, and CoDri makes this possible with no extra work from your employees.

Safe File Sharing

We have created a tool to track all the information shared from the system. With this, you can track all the shareable links created and view every user who had accessed that information. Now all your data is safer, and you have more control over it. Our system also allows users to deactivate the link, so there are no more loose links to your data.