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Elevetek is an innovative and agile startup created by a vibrant group of people. We analyze our customers’ requirements and problems to develop software that meets their custom business needs. Our user-friendly tools are focused on process improvement and data management. We ensure the best experience for our clients through an enduring culture of clear communication and smart solutions. Some of the services we offer include:

Our Product Learn More about Codri

CoDri helps your site employees to easily manage their documents without the use of papers. The app collects PDF files, photos, and other inspection forms and automatically organizes them under their respective project and subject folder. This will save tremendous time from your employee’s day organizing paperwork and significantly improving their productivity. All your site photos, truck tickets, invoices, and safety forms can be saved and shared from one platform. CoDri is the digital solution for all your document management needs. Some key features our app has to offer include:

Organized Site Photos
Secure Document Sharing
Site Inspection
Safety Forms
Scan Paper Documents

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